Mushrooms with Soul

As you focus on your new life's outlook, it is important to fill your world with positive, meaningful influences. Mushrooms can open the mind, developing new understandings, as well as enable clarity and creativity. Fabric mushrooms can act as a reminder of these understandings.

Aquarius Mushrooms have uniquely stitched in personality and character. Each mushroom comes with it's own vibe. To achieve this vibe, recycled high quality fabric is used. Using recycled fabrics provides a second life or rebirth of the fabric samples. Today you see them as they have transformed into fungi gems. A one-of-a-kind work of art --which one speaks to you?

  • Aquarius Mushrooms Art Gallery featuring soft sculpture trip buddies

    About Aquarius Mushrooms

    Sometimes life can be difficult, difficult to understand and navigate, Aquarius Mushrooms are there for you--right beside you as your root, your base--to explore our glorious universe. Each mushroom is handmade with love by finding unique meaningful fabrics to create clusters of fungi as your friend to explore all of life's questions.

    Aquarius Mushrooms have a story of their own. They are created by using discontinued fabric samples. These samples were once used in a high-end furniture store for customers to select their chair, sofa, curtain fabric material. When the material is discontinued, the piece of fabric is discarded. Instead of going to a landfill, this fabric is used to create these one-of-a kind soft sculpture fungi. Reduce, recycle, repurpose!